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Real security experts check your site

Most malware teams rely on automated scanners that miss the most dangerous vulnerabilities.

Limited Availability! Scan your site now!

Our experts only have the capacity to check 300 websites/day. To avoid delay, submit your site now for free!

Scan Your Website

    Upon submission, your website information will be sent to one of our security experts. In most cases, you will receive a detailed report within 15 minutes; however, if your website is slow due to malicious software or database injections, it may take up to 24 hours.

    Website Health Scan

    Your site will be checked by leading security experts

    Website Health Scan

    Virus Scanning and Removal

    Our website security experts will make sure your website is free of any malicious software.

    We’ll also help you resolve the following issues:

    • Malware Injections
    • Google Blacklist, Google SERP Warnings
    • Defacements, Backdoors
    • This site may be hacked / This site may harm your computer messages
    • Pharma Hacks, SEO Spam Injections
    • Phishing Files, Malicious Redirects

    We Stop Hackers and Spammers in Their Tracks

    Our advanced dashboard (requires professional installation) will give you access to everything you’ll need to secure your entire server.

    Protect your server from a large number of vulnerabilities

    • SQL Injection Detection
    • Reflected XSS Detecion
    • Local File Inclusion Detection
    • Remote File Inclusion Detection
    • Unvalidated Redirect Detection
    • Old, Backup Files Detection

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    Website Health Scan