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About Us

Meet the Founders

About Us
Nick Norris, CTO - Website Butlers
About Us
Justin Behnke, CEO - Website Butlers

Who are the Website Butlers?

Website Butlers, LLC is a full service digital agency located in North Phoenix, across the street from Paradise Valley Community College.

We specialize in branding and website design, and our clients ♥︎ us! We work with every size company, from small mom and pop shops, to large corporations, to medium sized businesses with multiple locations.

Our History

Website Butlers was started by Justin Behnke and Nick Norris in early 2018. Although we’re a new company, we’ve been in the industry since the early 2000’s, and our experience is second-to-none.

Justin & Nick have been colleagues since 2012, and decided in early 2018 to start Website Butlers after the sale of Justin’s previous company, where Nick was the Operations Manager.

Justin Behnke has a large portfolio of successful startup companies that he either founded or co-founded reaching back over 12 years. Justin is the CEO and “Idea Guy” for Website Butlers, and is involved in all of our day-to-day operations. Justin loves to work directly with all of our clients, and is known to answer the Customer Service line from time-to-time, so if you give us a call, you may get to speak directly with him. Justin has a passion for success and a dedicated spirit, and he truly pushes all of our clients’ best interests to the forefront of our business.

Nick Norris has over 15 years of web development experience under his belt, and has worked with some of the largest global brands on digital roll outs. Nick is the CTO of Website Butlers and brings decades of experience to our firm. Nick is very passionate about design and UX, and manages every aspect of the development/design/idea process. Nick’s expertise is Interactive Development and Front End Development, but we consider him our Swiss Army Knife around here, because his knowledge on web tech is vast.

Together, Nick and Justin have managed hundreds of clients from every industry all over the world, and we want to put their expertise to work for you.