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Super Fast Turnaround

We’ll fix your site within 1 business day, should it go down for any reason.

Daily External Backups

No matter what happens to your website, we will make sure your data is never lost.

24/7 Security Monitoring

We will keep an eye on your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year.

Our Clients Love Our Designs We work as hard as we can to ensure our customers love their final product.

We Cover All of Your Online Business Needs Whatever you need, we can help

Website Fixes

Website hacks, conflicting plugins, site errors? We’re here to help.

Website Optimization

Is your website running slow? We’re experts in optimization.

Design Changes

Need to refresh your website’s design? Yeah, we do that too!

Website Backups

Daily, weekly, monthly backups of your website. Never lose important data.

New Websites

Do you need a new website? We can develop a beautiful new site for your company.

Competitive Research

We also specialize in competitive SEO/PPC research. Know your competition.

Emergency Care

We can fix and restore the health of any website. Free website consultation available.

Web Maintenance

Whether it’s planned or unplanned maintenance, we’ll take care of it.

All Things WordPress

We specialize in WordPress Development. Themes, plugins, content? We got your back.

Frequently Asked Questions Got another question? Call us! (877) WEB-FIXR (877-932-3497)

We pride ourselves on being WordPress experts, so we are confident that we can help you with any issue you are experiencing within your installation of WordPress.

Common WP Issues:

  • The White Screen of Death
  • Database Issues
  • Parsing Errors
  • Memory Errors
  • 500 Server Errors
  • 404 (Page not found)
  • Spam Comments
  • HTML upload errors

Feel free to contact us if you need more information. (877) WEB-FIXR (877-932-3497) or email support@websitebutlers.com

The speed in which we fix your site really depends on the issue. On average, we can fix most problems in under 30 minutes; however, there are certain circumstances that require more time to fix and could take up to 2 days (2 days turnaround is very rare).

Please note: The time frame depends on how quickly we receive your ticket. We work on a first come/first served basis, and our clients who pay for priority support are at the top of the queue. Typically, you can expect your issue to be resolved within 24 hours of your ticket submission.

In order for us to access your website, we will need administrative level login credentials and FTP access to your WordPress installation.

We will provide you with a short questionnaire after you sign up that will allow you to securely provide that information to our support staff.

Yes! We specialize in “unhacking” websites, and have a ~97% success rate in bringing your WordPress site back to life. The process may take a little longer depending on how many files were compromised. We will always try to send you back a squeaky clean and secure website, and guarantee our work for 45 days after it’s complete.

PLEASE NOTE: There are some cases where hackers commit damage that is virtually irreparable. Please remember to backup your website often, and never use nulled or pirated themes/plugins. If we receive a fix request on a site that was using pirated software, we will decline the ticket and refund your money.

Yes, we can! Please make sure that you choose a plan that covers WooCommerce support if you would like us to fix errors in your WooCommerce store.
You can cancel at any time by visiting your dashboard and clicking the “cancel subscription” button. We really hate to see ya go, but we understand that our services are not for everybody. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to be completely removed from our system, so if you have any pending appointments with our support, you may still receive one final call.
We absolutely do offer hosting! Pricing varies from $9.95/mo – $300/mo. Please ask your support agent to help identify which options are best for you.
Absolutely! We have a team of designers and front-end developers who can create you a beautiful new website. We’ll port over all of your existing content, and ensure that your website responsive to all web browsers.
By default, all of our plans are for a single website. However, our sales staff can help put together a plan for 2 (or more) sites that will save you a lot of money. We just need to know which services you will need for each site, and we will tailor a special pricing package just for you. Call today (877) WEB-FIXR (877-932-3497) or email support@websitebutlers.com.
Keyword tracking is typically used in search engine optimization (SEO). We offer keyword tracking as a way for you to see some progress in the search engines after your site is fully maintained and monitored. We add this as an extra level of analytics that you and your company may not be aware of. We currently monitor Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines to find your placement.
Absolutely! We’ll just need to know what services you’re trying to integrate, and how you want to use it throughout your website, whether it’s sending data to an external CRM or pulling data from an outside source.

Please be advised that some 3rd parties charge usage fees based on how much you use their API, and it will be your responsibility to incur those additional costs. 

Custom programming also requires some additional information and cost, so please make sure you speak with your sales rep so they can get all of the information needed. Call (877) WEB-FIXR (877-932-3497) or email support@websitebutlers.com to start the conversation.

Honestly, we’re in an industry with a lot of very competent competitors. We’re not going to tell you that they’re not as good as us, as they very well might be. Since the early days of WordPress, there has been a foundation of a strong community support, and that’s what made WordPress so special. We’ve learned over the years that the best way to enhance the WordPress experience is to offer premium services at a discounted rate.

Long story short, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide world class customer service and support.

Call (877) WEB-FIXR (877-932-3497) or email support@websitebutlers.com with any questions you may have.